PSP MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires

Third release of latest version. As included readme-psp.txt:

PSP MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires by TTYman, 08/10/2007

Install directions:

- Copy in /PSP/GAME (firmware 1.5) or /PSP/GAME150 (firmware 1.5 compatibility for 3.xx OE release);
- Recreate zipped roms with included ClrMame compatible .DAT files (v0.34-v0.36 mixed roms);
- Add created zipped roms files in ROMs subfolder and samples in samples subfolder;

Specific Features:

- Based on latest GP2X MAME4All releases v4.7;
- 480×272 full PSP Hires Support, now games with >320 orizz. and >240 vert. pixels are fully playable (Loderun, Galaga etc.);
- Overclock support, from 133 to 333 MHz;
- Fixed, Fixed Divided by 2, Software Scaled and Software Full Screen Stretched resolutions (all maximum 480×272);
- Frameskip as GP2X version (fixed 0-5, auto 1-5);
- Vsync on/off;
- Save configuration support, default and per game;
- 22KHz with 16 voices predefined sounds, 33KHz and 44KHz frequencies with 4, 8 and 16 voices combinations added;
- Preliminary analog support;

- Autocentering fix for all resolutions;
- Optimized compiled code as derived from GP2X version, but for PSP cpu (fastest graphics core!);
- Stripped & Packed executable, only 2.1MB;
- Original graphics theme from Gold edition;
- Music in menu (filename music.psp in data folder), in these supported formats: .MOD, .S3M, .IT, .XM and .OGG;
- Added, as bonus, 1st classified OldSkool at Assembly 2007 Music Competition (Commodore 64 based), in .OGG format;
- Graphic theme 480×272 BMP skins support, both pspmenu480.bmp and pspsplash480.bmp in folder skins;

Specific Controls:

- Button SELECT: Insert credits.
- Button START: Play.
- Button HOME: after Pause exit game and return to menu.
- Buttons L+R: Activate/deactivate screen fixed/fixed div2/scale/stretch.
- Buttons L+R pressed during one second: Pause.
- Buttons L+HOME simultaneously: Reset emulation.

Fixed from 4.7r2:

- Sounds now are near arcade perfect, with minor gliches in some sound chips emulations;
- Gold (CPS1, System16 and Neogeo) specific emulations are now stand-alone, as require different z80 cpu implementation;
- Improved performance with sounds, oldies with 0 frame skip and vsync on, others with auto-1 and auto-2;

Fixed from 4.7:

- 133 MHz in menu and while paused, for battery saving;
- VSync really works now;
- Corrected build configuration and Makefile, so sounds in various games are now back;
- Correct fixed, div2, sw scaled and sw stretched resolutions, with autocentering;

Known Problems:

- General audio core with some gliches;
- Sounds are absent in some gold edition emulations (minor neogeo games) with near perfect z80 requirements;
- Preliminary Analog stick support doesn’t recognize very fast movements;
- No rotate support;

PSP MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires zipped archive (3.529.604 bytes)
PSP MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires zipped archive MD5 checksum file

Source code from now is merged to official Franxis’s GP2X port, at, so wait next release for it.


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13 Responses to PSP MAME4ALL v4.7r3 Hires

  1. Sam says:

    Great job man, thanks again for your effort, nice release, I was waiting for the analog control, now is done, just a comment… in wonderboy I found some graphic issues, just to let you know, but it’s a great new you released a new version ;-)

  2. baboon says:

    Another fantastic release! TMNT now works full screen with sound!

    I’m having problems though getting ‘Rodland’ to work with sound – it only seems to work in-game if the sound is disabled??

    Anyway thanks again for this new update on this great emulator!! …Happy days. :)

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  4. andrewwan1980 says:

    I have lots of ROMs that work perfectly with MAME ( but when I try them out in MAME4ALL (windows) only 5 are recognise. Do we use clrmame to convert to MAME4ALL ? How?

  5. delta191 says:

    thanks for the new release, couldn’t wait to give it a blast!

    It’s here! I’m really hoping this project keeps progressing.

    If anyone is interested, I cant get this working on my 8 gig pro duo memory stick! very odd, it does work on my 2 gig one.

    still has major instability issues, everytime I play old favourites like space invaders, mooncresta, asteroids ect with my mame 0.34 roms and samples, it plays for quite some time, then crashes the psp, totally locking it and power off.

    games that dont use samples seem more stable however.

    we have analogue support, which helps no end.

    It’s getting better and better and I really plead for continued work, many many thanks TTYman. A really good and worth while update.

    I’d hope we can get things more stable without psp resets as this is rather off putting to people less patient than me.

    nice work, many thanks TTYman.

  6. ngchiyuk007 says:

    Very great ,the sound is pefect than before version .
    but why the menu and option is so bad …
    why i play game ,need to change cpu to 333 everytime

    and the screen… maybe have some problem
    do you have any way to improve it…

    good job keep going

  7. pooyan says:

    I am a great retrogame fan, especially arcade classics. So it’s obvious that I am very glad with this Mame emu. A few months ago I still thought that a good Mame Emu would never arrive for the PSP. I know there were one or two releases of mame emu’s, but they were not any good.

    but this PSP MAME4All emu really rocks. I like the way it is progressing, and I like it even more that I can play my retro classics on the PSP with good sound and good visuals.
    although I have to agree with delta191, I also have issues with some realy old games, like donkey kong, space invaders, etc. They play for a while, but suddenly the emu, and my PSP, locks completely up. Why could this be? I use the GP2X 4.6 mame set. Just for a complete picture of my settings: SW scaled-

  8. delta191 says:

    yes – i’m pretty certain that all the games with sound enabled, that use sample support crash unexpectedly after a limited time. i’ve tried invaders, donkey kong, asteroids, mooncresta, zaxxon, gorf, wizard of war and galaxian. they all crash after a while playing. if you select emulated sound but off in the sound options they dont crash which leads me to believe the problem lies in the sample support.
    I have used the mame 0.34 sound samples created with clrmame, so in theory, they should be ok.

    hope this helps TTYman sort a work around.

  9. pooyan says:

    To Delt191: you are right, the sample files cause the crashes. I found out that a better option than yours is to delete the sample files, but keep the emu sound options on. In that way you have for a lot of games still some sound, although not all sound effects. Try it on Galaga, or Donkey Kong (a better substitute for donkey kong is Crazy Kong, which was the name of the game in Holland).
    to TTyMan: There seems to be a bug in the default settings save. I made some adjustments (f.i. screen: sw scale) and saved it as default. When I turn the emu off and on again, all settings are as my default, but not the screen settings, they always return to fix. Is this a bug?

  10. kaynyne says:

    Is there any way I can run this on a PSP Slim with CFW 3.71 M33?

  11. kaynyne says:

    Anyone? My PSP won’t run this. And I would so much like to play all my old arcade favorites…

  12. delta191 says:

    kaynyne, It works on slim but in my experience, it works much better om my phat psp with 3.71 m33 with 1.5 kernel.

    look here, thats if your still stuck.

  13. Dougmeister says:

    Have v4.7r2 running fine on my new slim (hacked w/ 3.90 of Dark-Alex’s firmware). Found v4.7r3 but cannot get it to run. Keep getting “The game could not be started (80020148)”. Got around that error before by trying dif’t PSP EBOOT.PBP files. (Also did some things on the PSP’s setup, like disabling UMD requirements, etc.)

    Can you help? Am I missing something obvious?


    P.S. I also cannot pause or exit gracefully from v4.7r2… help?

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