PSP MAME4ALL v4.7 & 4.6 Hires Source Code

Source code for previous PSP MAME4ALL v4.7 & 4.6 Hires releases can be downloaded from: (md5) (md5)

after psptoolchain with sdl correctly installed, unzip prefered archive and execute:

$ make -f Makefile.psp

after that a EBOOT.PBP will be created. On your memory stick make a mame4all folder and into it create “hi”, “cfg” and “roms” folder, and copy on latest one your legally owner roms.

TTY ;-)

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10 Responses to PSP MAME4ALL v4.7 & 4.6 Hires Source Code

  1. empecinado says:

    Good work, man :)

  2. franvergara says:

    TTY, we want to tell you that we are very happy with your excelent work porting the mame for psp. congratulations. the people from are waiting for your next release. thanks for your excelent work again and for bring this excelent emu for ours psp´s.

    Muchas Gracias por tu trabajo, realmente lo agradecemos !!!.
    Thanks for your work, we really apreciated it. !!!!

  3. egopfe says:

    I compiled 4.7 successfully with the psp toolchain.
    I found only one strange problem: some games have 300km/h speed and it’s impossible to play them :-) (for example arkanoid)

    how to slow down ?

    thanks in advance

  4. egopfe says:

    I found another problem.
    some games, such as final fight or captain commando are right-strafed so it’s very difficult to play them.
    how to vert-sync them ?

  5. Sam says:

    Great work TTYman, we have been expecting a new MAME version for PSP since years ago, so now we are very exited about your work, now PLEASE don’t give up, keep working to improve as much as you can, can I suggest something? I think we really need an option to resize the screen into PSP’s resolution, cause for now the games looks very small, please consider this, and congratulations again ;-) .

  6. yyyc186 says:

    firstly thank you this is just wonderful – moon patrol works :) .

    some things i’ve found:
    1. per above some games arkanoid/ms pacman etc. go REALLY fast
    2. outrun loads and runs and you can accelerate but left/right don’t work
    3. would be wonderful to be able to map the psp thumb dial thingee rather than the up/down – is that possible?

    thanks again.

  7. baboon says:

    Just like to say thankyou very much for bringing us an update to mame4all on the psp. :)

    Hopefully this will be something you might be updating fairly regularly?

    The sound is a little buggy at the mo but this emu has got so much potential. I would love it if you managed to get bubble bobble and tmnt to play well on the psp? …tmnt does work but only once the sound is disabled.

    In the future the option to stretch the screen and maybe analogue support would be nice.

    Do you accept donations for your coding work (paypal)?

    Anyway thanks for your time.

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  10. Greg_Alexander says:

    “yyyc186 Says:
    September 7th, 2007 at 22:56

    2. outrun loads and runs and you can accelerate but left/right don’t work”

    yyyc186, HOW did you get OutRun to work?? I’ve tried all the roms, and no joy. :(
    If there’s two games I really need to work, it’s OutRun and Super Monaco GP.

    Any Info would be appreciated.

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