PSP MAME4ALL: sources released into new MAME GP2X v4.8

Well, after some effort from me and Franxis, source code is now available, grab it from

TTY ;-)

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8 Responses to PSP MAME4ALL: sources released into new MAME GP2X v4.8

  1. silver says:

    Nice one, Really impressed with this.

    Does this mean there is no difference between the 4.7r3 binary and compiling from the 4.8 source?

  2. Sam says:

    I’ve seen the changelog of the 4.8 GP2X version, and there’s no any big changes, so it worth to release a 4.8 verison for PSP? are you thinking in release 4.8 for PSP? if so… any plans to upgrade the features by yourself to this port for PSP? anyway… new releases are always welcome hehe, thanks for your work and franxis work.

  3. Yes, there are same from psp specific code point of view, in 4.8 there is a new game and some gp2x fixes as reported by Franxis’s changelog, so I haven’t released a new compiled version.

    By the way, I’m working on a new z80 C implementation, based on mame’s v3.3. This will improve compatibility and will give me opportunity to remove cz80 alternate C implementation, buggy and system 16 only requirement caused two different builds (as z80 cores), standard and gold.


  4. Dartmerc says:

    Hello, how long until rotation support is implimented, I’m the guy working on a mini-cabinet, built around a PSP, pretty much to that scale.

    It’d be great if you could contact me, maybe we could work on releasing my cab in sync with your next big release.

    you can contact me on dean.longmore at

  5. baboon says:

    I’m looking forward to the 4.8 build with the z80 C TTman… the improvements you have listed sound like we are in for a treat! :)

    @ Datymerc: Out of interest how are you going to make an arcade machine based on the psp without joystick support??

  6. pooyan says:

    Hey TTL, do you know what would make PSPMAME 4All the best emulator for the PSP by far (if it isn’t already)? Implementation of snapshots (PNG or JPG), to be shown in the Rom list. Really Cool! Can you do this?

  7. pooyan says:

    Is there a bug in PSP4ALL v4.7r3 Hires with regard to the control system. It happens sometimes that for instance in the romlist menu when I scroll down the menu, it keeps scrolling down after I released the down directon on the digital or analog pad. Only after pushing some direction buttons randomly, the scrolling stops. Another ugly experience in Donkey Kong: suddenly the up direction buttons didn’t function anymore, I couldn’t get up the stairs and got run over by a barrel! Only after quitting to the romlistmenu, the up butons functioned again. Then in Galaga: after reaching the high score, I wanted to put in my initials, but at the first letter the alfabet just kept scrolling, also at the 2 other letters. Is this a bug?

  8. silver says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Good luck adding the Z80 C core.

    There used to be a few ASM cpu core’s knocking around, usually cropping up in mame hacks for speed. I know there was a 68000 ASM core (Starscream I think), and I’m sure there was a z80 one as well (people tended to go for these for Neogeo games).

    However, I am ignorant of the PSP hardware, so they could well not be suitable.

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