PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires

PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires by TTYman, 16/11/2007

Install directions:

- Copy in /PSP/GAME (firmware 1.5) or /PSP/GAME150 (firmware 1.5 compatibility for 3.xx OE release);
There are four different builds in archive:
1) 1.50 Kernel mode (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2);
2) 1.50 Kernel mode without neogeo and cps1 support (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-noneogeo-nocps1);
3) 2.00 User mode (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-usermode);
4) 2.00 User mode without neogeo and cps1 support (psp_mame4all_v4.9r2-usermode-noneogeo-nocps1);
Use psp_mame4all_v4.9r2 as installation base, then replace EBOOT.PBP with your needed/preferred build;
- Recreate zipped roms with included ClrMame compatible .DAT files (v0.34-v0.36 mixed roms);
- Add created zipped roms files in ROMs subfolder and samples in samples subfolder;
Samples must be in .sam old Mame pre-v0.35 format, downloadable from
or from,0,0,0,5,1034 and,0,0,0,5,1044

Specific Features:

- Based on latest MAME GP2X release v4.9;
- 480×272 full PSP Hires Support, now games with >320 orizz. and >240 vert. pixels are fully playable (Loderun, Galaga etc.);
- Overclock support, from 133 to 333 MHz;
- Fixed, Fixed Divided by 2, Software Scaled and Software Full Screen Stretched resolutions (all maximum 480×272);
- Frameskip as GP2X version (fixed 0-5, auto 1-5);
- Vsync on/off;
- Save configuration support, default and per game;
- 22KHz with 16 voices predefined sounds, 33KHz and 44KHz frequencies with 4, 8 and 16 voices combinations added;
- Preliminary analog support;
- Autocentering fix for all resolutions;
- Optimized compiled code as derived from GP2X version, but for PSP cpu (fastest graphics core!);
- Stripped & Packed executable, only 1.5MB;
- Original graphics theme from Gold edition (user mode version only);
- Music in menu (filename music.psp in data folder), in these supported formats: .MOD, .S3M, .IT, .XM and .OGG;
- Added, as bonus, 1st classified OldSkool at Assembly 2007 Music Competition (Commodore 64 based), in .OGG format;
- Graphic theme 480×272 BMP skins support, both pspmenu480.bmp and pspsplash480.bmp in folder skins (user mode version only);
- Dipswitches settings;

Specific Controls:

- Button SELECT: Insert credits.
- Button START: Play.
- Button HOME: after Pause exit game and return to menu.
- Buttons L+R: Activate/deactivate screen fixed/fixed div2/scale/stretch.
- Buttons L+R pressed during one second: Pause.
- Buttons L+HOME simultaneously: Reset emulation.

Fixed from 4.9r1

- Usermode builds now works.
- Dipswitches settings added.
- Some Z80 core speedups.
- Vector based games like Asteroids now run at native resolution of 480×272 pixels.
- Preliminary memory management to clean-up things in certain romset (due to original MAME bugs) before starting a new emulation.
- In case of memory fragmentation errors emulator now quits without lockups.
- Better sound support in certain games, like Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles etc.
- Graphics themes disabled in 1.50 kernel mode to gain more memory available, used a simple blue gradient instead.
- Graphics mode saved with settings.

Fixed from 4.7r3 (same as 4.8r1 unreleased)

- Crash when sampled used.
- Unified builds, thanks to new Z80 core, Mame 0.53 based, compatible with system16, neogeo and classic roms.
- Implemented PSP-2000 (slim) specific support, so double memory available to load roms, thanks to keiich-san code.

Fixed from 4.7r2:

- Sounds now are near arcade perfect, with minor gliches in some sound chips emulations;
- Gold (CPS1, System16 and Neogeo) specific emulations are now stand-alone, as require different z80 cpu implementation;
- Improved performance with sounds, oldies with 0 frame skip and vsync on, others with auto-1 and auto-2;

Fixed from 4.7:

- 133 MHz in menu and while paused, for battery saving;
- VSync really works now;
- Corrected build configuration and Makefile, so sounds in various games are now back;
- Correct fixed, div2, sw scaled and sw stretched resolutions, with autocentering;

Known Problems:

- General audio with some gliches due to original unoptimized threaded sound core;
- Preliminary Analog stick support doesn’t recognize very fast movements;
- No rotate support;

PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires zipped archive (7.280.469 bytes)
PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires zipped archive MD5 checksum file

Here are Mame GP2X 4.9 source code addons:
PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires source zipped archive (102.040 bytes)
PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires source zipped archive MD5 checksum file

TTYman ;-)

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27 Responses to PSP MAME4ALL v4.9r2 Hires

  1. ozora says:

    During the gaming process, the navigational button will lose it functionality. (no matter what you press, it head toward downward direction. can’t go upward ) This problem happened since V 4.7

  2. twj0982 says:

    thanx TTYman.
    I like mame .

  3. john4p says:

    Yes, thanks a lot!

    Umm… does HAUNTED CASTLE = Akumajou Dracula (aka Castlevania!) work with this?

  4. baboon says:

    Thank you so much for continuing and improving such an important piece of work for the psp scene.

    The dipswitch settings, Z80 speedups, memory clean-ups, plus getting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to work with sound is an excellent achievement.

    I’ll be downloading this straight after work! :)

  5. delta191 says:

    not tried it yet but thanks TTyman in advance, no doubt i’ll try things out and drop a few more comments.
    I did notice with last release that battlezone had really bad sound, even with sample support. hope it helps!

    thanks fella ;O)

  6. delta191 says:

    asteroids has been made good, very very playable! nice job TTyman.

  7. baboon says:

    Everything I’ve tried seems to be running nicely. :)

    One bug I’ve found though is that if you leave the emulator on the rom selection for to long it tends to freeze the psp and then eventualy shut it down so you have to manualy restart the psp? – im opn a phat psp with 3.71m33 if that helps?

    Rodland still crashes with sound enabled. :(

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  10. joeyj says:

    nice job but i have a request can you get mortal kombats and killer instinct working on the next release please ty

  11. DDD says:

    Does anyone know what is the difference between the user mode and kernel mode versions? Does the kernel mode version run any faster? Can kernel mode be used on 3.71m33 ?

  12. delta191 says:

    TTYMAN I dont know if you can achieve it but how about TV output support for the slim.

    Enjoying uo_gpsp_kai_32_test_8_5 the gameboy advanced emulator in fullscreen on my tv.

    mame on your TV would be awesome! just an idea ;o)

  13. AlbertoZ says:


    grazie per il porting del mitico MAME per la PSP!

    Sincere thanks for the porting of the mytical MAME for the PSP.


  14. baboon says:

    Hey TTYman. I was just wondering if when you’ve got the time if you could post any information about any possible future builds or improvments of mame4all you might be doing or considering?

    Thanks again for your hardwork on giving us a pretty much fully useable mame build on the psp.

    Merry Christmas to you. :)

  15. jlenoconel says:

    Is this MAME going to be constantly update. What are the reasons they cannot get this version of MAME to work properly?

  16. PHILOSOPH3R says:

    Hey! Great Job TTYman! I was wondering if making Primal Rage work on the next version would be possible? I’d love to play it. Nothing beats the Arcade version of that game. Thank you.

  17. alyinsf says:

    This is a weird bug I think I’ve found. I know my way around Mame, been using it on various platforms since 1998.

    But for some reason this works great on my 4gb card but not on my 8gb.

    I’ve checked everything, installed and double checked, reformatted etc. All roms and samples are working on the 4, and my 8 has never given me a problem previously.

    It boots to the PSP loading screen, but instead of fading out it just blacks out and then turns the psp off about 10 seconds later.

    It’s no major worry because I can just use the 4gb, but something is going on.

    Great work anyway, I’m loving Mame on the PSP (better controller than my GP2X!)

  18. baboon says:

    Chui has released his MAME4ALL beta1 for Dreamcast based on the mamegp2x 5.1. …

    I hope you can also update the PSP mame4all TT with a new build/port for the PSP? ;)

  19. baboon says:

    Franxis has released an even newer version for the Gp2x V1.2:

    I hope you might be able to have a look at this for the PSP (if you ever get the time)? The list of different working games for this version of mame is fantastic! :)

    …and Sorry for the double post!

  20. nanook2k3 says:

    Great work on this by the way…..any chance of a save state function in future builds? :)

  21. delta191 says:

    I have setup a U-tube acount to pay tribute to TTyman’s exellent emulator running some of my much loved favorites.
    It shows what is achievable if your willing to set the games up right.

    Thanx again!

    check here for videos:

  22. saitoh00 says:

    TTyman´s thanks to u for all emus, We all hope that you can make another version of mame4all of last went to gp2x.

    Your emu of mame is my favourite of all.

    Please answer if you have in mind to continue with your project, all look forward to your reply whatever.

    You are the best. A greeting of a Spanish that removes the hat to your work

  23. alexkyriak says:

    Hi guys, I have an original PSP 1.5 firmware. After copying the Mame4all files into the Game folder and running, it returns the error ‘The game could not be started (80020001)’. Does anyone know why this is? Thanks alot!

  24. shadowgate_nl says:

    Hello . I have downloaded the mame4all software installed it and it seems to be working just fine. I have rebuilded the mame roms , but only 4 or 5 games are actually working. Maybe i am doing something wrong i don’t know. But can somebody send me the rebuilded (v0.34 or v0.35) roms. If you want to do this , my email adres is I am dutch and i hope my English is good enough. the games i really like are games like pac-man , pengo , moon patrol and all the greater classics from the ’80′s and 90′s
    thank you very much.. for those who send me the roms and need something i have in emulators orroms i gladly wil help.

    May GOD bless you all

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  26. sebzskp says:


    Thanks for this port of MAME to the PSP!

    Quick question: Is this version compatible with CFW 5.50?


  27. swooperz says:

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone know how I can trigger the Player 2 Start button event or tweak a cfg file to add it in there for say, R + Home? This is crucial for games like Space Duel – otherwise, its unplayable.

    Thanks so much for you help,

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